Danish blog recommends LingoVids 

Here it is in Danish
  @ tidligsprogstart.dk with our rough translation below:

At LingoTech on YouTube you will find music videos that can be used directly in teaching. They lend themselves particularly well to begin teaching German. Work with / repeat some fixed phrases from German, all while you're doing the appropriate motions / gestures. The videos and songs are made by Uwe Kind. The most famous is Ich bin cool. 


In the early language start it might be a good idea that the songs are reviewed or difficult words are explained orally or in writing before. They could work with words from the text field. E.g.. using Hängemann or Word Search Tasks. 

The idea is to make gestures while the song is played and sung. It might be an idea to let the students work on the songs before and let them decide for themselves what gestures to be made to the song. The groups could then present their own gestures and melodies for the class.

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