Uwe never fails to bring down the house with his unique interactive foreign language performances. All concerts begin with an inspiring video to warm up the audience. Then the music starts and Uwe gets them singing, rapping and dancing in no time. A live performance is a great way to break down inhibitions, motivate and build enrollment in language classes. All German, Spanish, multi-language and ESL/ESOL concerts are 90 minutes in length.

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Uwe's interactive workshops are designed for the language teacher who dares to try something new. Participants will learn how to "conduct" using gestures, body language and rhythmic movements and how to turn their class into an orchestra. Teachers will learn how to create their own songs and LingoRaps. Workshops are offered for teachers of German, Spanish, ESOL/ESL as well as for teachers of other languages.  The workshops are 3 to 6 hours in length.

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