Uwe Kind & LingoTech's concert tour of Italy and Spain

Uwe is done with the first half of the tour after closing out the Italian concerts with a performance at the 'Artificerie Almagià' in Ravenna.
The tour moves on to Spain Wednesday with a concert and workshop in Bilbao.  


Mrs. Spanish's awesome “Hoy Estoy” music video

Anne Marie Mitchell (dubbed "Mrs. Spanish" by her students) teaches at Berry College Elementary and Middle School in Rome, GA. She has a blog called "Mrs. Spanish's Class" where we learned that her 4th grade spanish class produced an absolutely…

A Hard Days Work In Istanbul

We've decided to select this video of a group of Turkish students and their German teachers in Istanbul learning and dancing to our song 'Wackel mit dem Po' as our video of the month. We love nothing more than seeing…