Uwe Kind on "Real People'

‘Real People’ was a popular American NBC television program that aired from 1979 to 1984. Each segment of the show featured people with unique occupations.  One day the show's producer, John Schlatter, overheard his secretary singing a song from… Read more

Uwe Kind on Late Night with David Letterman

In the early 80’s, I called up NBC at Rockefeller Center and asked to speak to the talent coordinator for The David Letterman Show (which was then a late night NBC show that followed the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson)…

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We Need Your Feedback! 


Wackel met dem Po!: Uwe Kind, selling the German language around the world.  

Uwe Kind has been the unofficial international ambassador for the German language for over 35…

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Uwe Kind in Denmark 2016

Uwe is currently touring in Denmark with upcoming concerts on the 11th at Ans Skole, Ans (Jylland), April 12th at Hvide Sande Skole, Hvide (Jylland), April 13th at Skive Commune (Brårup Skole / Aabybro Skole, Skive/Aabybro Jylland), and April 14th…

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....ein frohes Neues Jahr!!

Uwe Kind wünscht allen Deutschlehrern und Schülern ein frohes Neues Jahr und bedankt sich gleichzeitig bei den Goethe Instituten in Prag, Ankara, Istanbul ,und Lissabon, beim Goethe Zentrum in Verona und Porto, bei Dagmar Neumann vom Deutsch-Italienischen Kulturverein in Ravenna…

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Concert: Figueira da Foz in Portugal

December 3
Konzert: Figueira da Foz/Portugal
Escola Secunda c/3 Ciclo Dr. Joaquim de Carvalho
Lehrer: Maria Isabel Maques da Silva und ihre Deutschschüler
Dank ans Goethe Institut in Lisbon